A Note on Margarine

26 Jul

Margarine seems to be the unpopular little sister of butter and I get why most of the time, but for baking, honestly, it’s usually not a noticeable difference. If you’re needing that buttery taste, go for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and reduce the amount you’re using by 25%. That stuff gets a little greasier and is a little too enthusiastically butter flavored for a 1:1 ratio.

The weirdest thing  to me is that most margarine isn’t dairy free. What? Does that make ANY sense to you guys? So for you dairy free people, make sure you get kosher margarine. These people really know what they’re doing. I’ve used their margarine to make crumble toppings, worked perfectly. No one could tell.

Margarine has a weird history, as is befitting fake dairy. Give it a read, did you know Napoleon offered a prize for anyone who could make a substitute for butter “suitable for use by the armed forces and lower classes”? Oh Wikipedia, what would I do without you?


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