Food Trucks!

6 Feb

What’s going on? Oh, ya know, living in Los Angeles and eating delicious things. Glad we caught up.

Kyle’s café usually has these awesome guys out front:


They’re delicious and make things like this:


Now, for context, I don’t actually like eggs. I’m aware I’m morally bankrupt and all that for my dislike of eggs but *shrug* what can you do?

EAT THINGS THESE PEOPLE MAKE. No seriously, these egg-magicians and their truck are kind of my new favorite things. Mostly because of this:

That is The Slut. It’s a parboiled egg and riced potatoes (like mashed potatoes only more ethereal) and they’re cooked in that tiny jar (that you get to keep!) and then there’s green onions and delicious toasts to eat it on. YUM.

We learned last week that apparently every Thursday night, near the American Apparel on Melrose, there’s a food truck convergence.

Kyle got this thing from Eggslut that they don’t usually make:

Braised carnitas, chimichuri, fried egg, cojita. Scrambled egg mac. Hell to the yes. – Kyle

The eggy mac n’cheese was really good for the first 2 bites and then was overwhelmingly rich. The sandwich was suuuuuppper messy (as sandwiches with over easy eggs on them are prone to be) but not only did I escape unscathed, it was pretty damn yummy.


I insisted on walking up and down the whole shbang for deciding but I settled on these guys: ButtermilkTruck

And it’s because they made me this:


Mmmm. Chicken and waffles. And lemme tell you, that chicken that was made in a truck while I waited increasingly impatiently to the smell of fried chicken, undoubtedly one of the top 5 fried chicken bits I’ve ever had. Super moist and excellently seasoned and so good with waffles. Nom.

Next time I intend to try these guys:



There also seems to be a fairly regular food truck convergence in front of LACMA on Wilshire most days.

I got this deliciousness:

at the Macho Nacho truck which doesn’t have great reviews on yelp but made me some excellent pulled pork nachos. I paused when I was walking past and I was offered a sample of pulled pork and … who says no to that? These were a nice accompaniment/caloric-evener for my walk around the La Brea Tar Pits.


In the future, more things I’ve eaten, made, or both!


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