More Food Trucks!

22 Feb

So ever since Kyle and I saw “The Layover” episode about Los Angeles, we’ve wanted to try out this LudoTruck because, well, Anthony Bourdain was grinning like a maniac eating fried chicken and I full on Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there”-ed.

There’s this food truck gathering where the farmer’s market in Ocean Park is, the parking lot next to the Victorian, and LudoTruck was going to be there so off we went.


By far the nicest eating food out of trucks I have ever experienced. The Victorian sells beverages and booze and lets you eat your dinner at their tables if you buy something.


Their Modern Fashioned was also pretty good according to Kyle, and he takes his old fashioneds seriously.

There were a bunch of trucks when we went, we got there early, around 6pm. It wasn’t till maybe 7pm that everyone was open but it meant we could go truck to truck and eat from each place as a course in a giant meal.



They also had a bunch of these nifty heaters out, as well as some people at a stand selling drinks. Lots of friendly dogs hanging out as well as the usual Santa Monica bike valet.

So, stop one, LudoTruck:


You know how you know fried chicken is good? You came with the intention of documenting aforementioned chicken, and finish it before you remember you have a camera or any motivation other than eating ALL OF THE CHICKEN. No really. Our 3 piece was gone immediately. Best fried chicken I’ve ever had, the breading and the chicken were one. The chicken was moist, the breading was sooo crisp and the béarnaise’s slight lemon tang complimented it perfectly.   We also got the honey mustard sauce (the chicken comes with one sauce and we splurged for an extra) but it wasn’t in the same category of awesome.

We also got two lavender honey biscuits, they were also gone super quick.

We also got the West Coast Philly Steak from Slammin’ Sliders, it was exactly as cheesy as it needed to be.


The only semi-let down of the food we got was from No Jodas, I got the side of crispy plantains and they were suuuper salty and kind of gluey in the middle. the first one was fine but the more I ate, the less good they got somehow.



The last place we got food from is Flatiron. I tried the hash they made one time when they were outside of Coffee Commissary but I haven’t seen them since so I was excited to finally get to try their steak. Oh my, a $15 steak from a truck, how good can it be? God damn phenomenal was how it was.  Yeah, so good there isn’t a picture of it so here’s one someone posted on Yelp:

I only started eating red meat for reals a couple years ago and I’ve always been a tad leery of the whole … still red thing. Grow up eating mostly chicken and the whole still raw in the middle thing is a much bigger deal, it isn’t the color that bothers me so much as the change in texture. Sometimes meat tastes … problematically raw? Not that crisp raw texture like tartar but just sort of “hmm, is it supposed to be like this?” This steak was perfectly medium rare and the texture was this beautiful not chewy at all moist brilliance. The tiny side salad and fries with aioli were also a nice compliment to the pretty generous hunk of meat. Next time I get a steak craving, I am 100% tracking these people down again.

In other food truck news, the wonderful people at EggSlut recently made Kyle this off the menu wonder:


Torta with potatoes, bacon, shaved manchego cheese topped with tiny salad and sriracha maple syrup dressing. I didn’t get to try it but apparently it was outstanding.

And in closing, our cat, Macchiato, in my scarf.


You’re welcome.


One Response to “More Food Trucks!”

  1. Bill Chance February 28, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    I love the imagination of the folks running those trucks. We are seeing a fast growth in the trucks here in Dallas – hopefully we will see some as innovative as these.

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